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Cluster Builder

Automatically Deploy Kubernetes Container Orchestration Clusters into VMware Environments.

With freely available tools and only an annotated Ansible inventory file cluster-builder enables the configuration and deployment of fleets of container orchestration cluster VMs to vSphere/ESXi hypervisors as well as VMware Workstation/Fusion Pro local environments.

One command… and the cluster is deployed!

cluster-builder is a Packer, Ansible and Bash based infrastructure as codebase that can deploy identical cluster VM images in both local development and production VMware environments, supporting both development and operational workflows. DevOps. Clusters can be deployed and re-deployed locally, and into production, identically, in minutes!

cluster-builder embraces minimalism wherever possible. Simple, freely available tools. Readable and fungible scripts.

cluster-builder follows an immutable infrastructure philosophy at the cluster node level. Container orchestration clusters are defined in a simple text file and then deployed using a single command. Always repeatable and documented, this re-usable framework can deploy numerous and varied orchestration clusters with a clear separation of configuration and deployment artifacts.

cluster-builder is currently deploying the following Kubernetes container orchestration clusters using kubeadm:

cluster-builder can also deploy associated Targetd Storage Appliance and iSCSI Provisioners to provide backing persistent iSCSI block storage, and NFS shared file volume persistent storage for K8s clusters. This is especially useful in pre-production cluster environments.

cluster-builder makes generic on-premise Kubernetes easy. It is a single infrastructure codebase that can automatically deploy K8s and/or DC/OS container orchestration systems as production ready VMware VM clusters.

cluster-builder unites VMware and Kubernetes using accessible, open technology delivering an on-premise Hybrid Cloud service model. It’s fully open, forkable and hackable.

Why do things the hard way?